Scream Geronimo

June 12, 2017

Areeb and Reem sit down with D.C. recording artist Scream Geronimo to talk music, the power of positive thinking, and trusting yourself to follow your passion. The episode is littered with his work displaying various aspects of his musical range, beginning with a snippet from "Outsiders" and ending with the full length track "Night Ride." 


Twitter: GeronimoGTFU
Instagram: ScreamGeronimo


Not Even Water?

June 5, 2017

Areeb and Reem sit down to discuss some questions they've received over the years about Ramadan. They talk about its origins and what the month actually entails, how to maneuver within the faith as a milennial "western" Muslim and how we differ from previous generations, and yet another reminder that terrorism has no place in Islam following the recent events in the UK. 



February 13, 2017

One year anniversary episode! 

Alexis Gomez joins the podcast to tell us about saving Prince William County, some of his recent work, and a young artist's hustle in 2017. 


Whose America Is It Anyway?

November 18, 2016

The 2016 election is bringing a lot more than a new president to our country. Areeb and Reem discuss the notions of "Real America," why the "white working class" label is misguided, and the general feelings of a lot of people of color in the new(?) American era we're entering. 


People or Profit?

September 9, 2016

Areeb and Reem sit down with three powerful women to discuss gun violence in communities of color. Kayla, Nardyne, and Jarae join the podcast to talk about the state of the conversation surrounding gun violence, following the money, and how representation effects real communities. 



July 18, 2016

Riham Osman of the Muslim Public Affairs Council joins the show to talk about being Muslim in America in 2016. Areeb, Reem, and Riham discuss how media affects the perception of Muslims, dealing with emotion in the aftermath of violence, and the intersectionality of Islam and race. 


Escaping Limitation

June 29, 2016

Katie Thompson sits down with the show to talk about women's rights, affirmative action, international development, and much more. She tells us why we use the term abortion and Areeb asks a pertinent question: Why do we get Planned Parenthood so wrong? 

"Even the term itself, "affirmative action," is inflammatory...because it feels to those who are afraid that they'll lose their place in society." 
"The fact that its so actionary makes people reactionary." 


April 3, 2016

Sammy Ramsey joins us to share a bit of his coming out story. We talk homophobia, his love of bugs, and how science has made him a stronger believer in God. 

"His son had gone from someone who he was so proud of to this conglomerate of things that he just believed was wrong and evil."

"We call this the Information Age, but it's really the Information of Comfort Age." 

Filling Reagan’s Shoes

March 1, 2016

With Trump and Rubio throwing sophomoric jabs, guests Charlie and Will get into the policies that matter to young conservatives that seem to be lost in the discourse. These guys demand more from the candidates they’ve been given. What issues would Donald Trump need to come towards the center on if he wants to win the General Election? Or can he stay as divisive and get the votes he needs?




Rap: America’s Scapegoat

February 9, 2016

John Nolan joins the podcast to talk about rap's relationship with American society. What all makes the genre immensely beautiful and a walking contradiction? Does musical talent excuse misogyny? Hear John talk about keeping people honest, the apex of morality, and what the future of rap looks like in 2016. 

You guys'll also catch a glimpse of our wonderful producer, Reem Hashim, who's been working extremely diligently behind the scenes. 

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